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Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum

Decreased Vacuum Noise

Vacuum cleaners are a common source of noise pollution, but you can enjoy quiet nights at home with central vacuums. The main part of the machine, which includes both motors and heads to pull air through your house or office building's ductwork into an intake system on each floor (or unit), often resides in one room - usually the garage or utility room.

Easy to Use

Central Vacuum Systems make cleaning your home an easy task. With one, you can forget all about hauling around heavy vacuums or getting down on hands and knees to clean those hard-to-reach spots that sit there collecting dust. Central vacuum systems have accessories for every nook & cranny in the house, even corners so dusty they're cobwebby. Get rid of dirt build-up without ever leaving home by using this fantastic invention today.

Better Than Regular Vacuums

The truth is, with a central vacuum system, you only have to worry about basic maintenance. In contrast, portable or canister vacuums require replacing every few years - not to mention all those cords as well. Advantages of owning a central vacuum system include:

- Large capacity
- Little or No Filter Troubles
- Longevity
- Lightweight and more powerful
- Less Bulky
- Reduce Allergies with less Re-circulation
- No extension cords or power cords

Better Air Quality

Central vacuum systems make your home cleaner, healthier and happier. They remove dirt from the air inside our homes to be exhausted outside where it belongs. Portable vacuum units recycle allergens through their exhaust pipes into your living space.

Modular and Versatile

The best way to keep your home clean is with a central vacuum. A longer hose and all sorts of tools make it easier than ever for you, no matter what type or size space needs cleaning.

Strong Suction and Deeper Cleaning

Central vacuum motors canisters are up to three times stronger than those in portable vacuums. It stays much cooler because they're stored stationary location in your garage or basement. This means you'll get a longer life out of this type of motor - allowing for strong suction through networks of hoses.

A Smart Investment

Installing a central vacuum is an investment in your home that will pay off. The installation cost is nothing compared to the long life and low maintenance of these appliances, which can usually last ten years or more before needing major components replaced.