Elsea 10 Gallon Dry Commercial Vacuum with Four Stage Filtration

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Elsea 10 Gallon Dry Commercial Vacuum with Four Stage Filtration for Pick-up & Filtering of Hazardous or Pathogenic Dust

Elsea 94621 Hamiantus commercial vacuum is designed for pick-up and filtering of hazardous fine particulate in clean rooms, laboratories, and other facilities where ULPA level filtration, “H” Class is desired. The Hamiantus vacuum has four levels of staged filtration beginning with a welded PP non-tear bag for collection and discarding of bulk debris. A fused PP hat with molded sealing ring  seals the filter against a soft gasket in the vacuum head preventing unfiltered air to reach the ULPA rated cartridge filter protecting the filter from damage and extending filter life. The 94621 Hamaintus vacuum is certified to capture 99.998% of all particulate .3 micron and larger. The stainless bin includes a sealing plug to insure dust is retained in the unit when not in operation. A filter installed after the motor captures carbon dust from the motor to help insure clean exhaust air. The 94621 includes a 1.50” X 15 foot commercial grade vacuum hose, a 1.50” chrome steel ratchet telescopic wand, a 12” floor brush, dusting tool with nylon fill, 10” paddle crevice, and an adaptor for mounting the dusting tool or crevice at wand end for elevated cleaning. The 10 gallon stainless bin is mounted on a metal trolley with steel reinforced casters to insure years of trouble free use. The Hamiantus is ideal for use in clean rooms, laboratories, for lead paint recovery, asbestos recovery, and mold remediation and other applications where filtration beyond HEPA level is desired.

Cen-Tec Systems 94621 features a 10 gallon stainless bin commercial vacuum delivering 129 CFM and 54” of water lift through four levels of filtration for the capture of hazardous dust. The vacuum includes a 25 foot power cord, bin seal to control dust when not in use, and sealed operation warning light on a metal trolley with steel reinforced quiet roll casters.

The 94621 provides four levels of filtration. A welded PP bag for bulk materials followed by a fused PP hat filter that encloses the ULPA rated cartridge filter certified to capture  99.998% of all particulate .3 microns and larger. The 94621 vacuum features and exhaust filter to capture carbon dust from the motor and help insure clean air discharge from the vacuum.

The 94621 vacuum is quiet in operation. 58 dBA measured at 3 meters from the vacuum.

Cen-Tec System Hamiantus vacuum weighs 28 pounds and has a convenient heavy duty carry handle built into the vacuum head for safe and easy transport

Cen-Tec Systems 94621 includes a complete accessory set including a 1.50” X 15 foot commercial grade vacuum hose. Chrome telescopic wand. A 12” wide floor brush. A 10” paddle crevice and 4” dusting tool with nylon fill. An adaptor is included that permits the dusting tool or crevice to be mounted on the working end of the chrome telescopic for elevated above the floor cleaning.

The 94621 vacuum is quiet in operation 58 dBA measured at three meters (10 feet) from the vacuum.

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