Elsea HEKA Critical Filter Dust Collection Commercial Vacuum

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Elsea Heka Critical Filter HEPA H-class Conductive Dust Collection Commercial Vacuum with 5 Stage Filtration & 2 Application Accessories

The 95303 five gallon Heka vacuum features a five pack of multi-layer welded polypropylene dust bags, a nylon pre-filter, a sealed basket filter and finally a HEPA H14 cartridge filter to capture hazardous and pathogenic dusts. The vacuum features a secure molded plug to protect the user from leakage when not in use, during transport, or storage. The HEKA provides a fully grounded system to prevent the build of of a static surface charge and the potential for a unwanted discharge when used in volume fine dust collection.

The 95303 features a heavy duty five gallon stainless bin mounted on a metal cart with heavy duty commercial casters The control panel permits the unit to operate continually when switched in manual mode or through the switch of a power tool when plugged into the 800 w grounded outlet on the control panel when the switch is set to automatic mode. This remote start feature makes the HEKA ideal for application like lead paint recovery, mold remediation, or fine particulate silica dust recovery.

The 95303 comes with a five pack of welded PP filter bags which are engineered to hold broad spectrum dust in volume for safe disposal. A durable washable nylon filter acts as a pre-filter to the basket filter which is designed for a no leak seal between the vacuum head and the heavy gauge stainless debris bin. A large surface HEPA H14 cartridge filter completes the four stages of sealed particulate filtration ensuring clean air discharge. A molded plug is attached to the face of the vacuum to secure the dust bin remains sealed when not in use, is stored, or transported.  

The 95303 features a 16 foot conical conductive hose and a complete five piece set of conductive adapters for connecting a wide range of power tools to the vacuum for source capture of dust generated by the power tool during use. The soft molded TPE adapters are designed to female fit dust shrouds with ,750”; 1.00”; 1.25”; 1.50” male connections. These same adapters fit dust shrouds designed for female connection of 1.21”; 1.42”, 1.62”, and 1.90”. An additional connecter is provided to fit to workstations designed to accept the popular 2.250” home shop diameters.

The 95303 features a complete set of fully conductive general purpose cleaning accessories including a 1.50” X 12” conductive hose, a 12” conductive floor brush, conductive paddle crevice, and conductive 1.50” dusting tool. The two conductive accessory solutions ground through the HEKA vacuum protecting the user from nuisance shocks and prevent surface dust from collecting on the outside of the accessories and contaminating work surfaces which come in contact.

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