Elsea Industrial 2-Motor Vacuum with Filter Shaker

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Elsea Trantor Industrial 2-Motor Vacuum with Filter Shaker and 24 Ft. High Reach Attachment Kit, Stainless

The Trantor industrial vacuum was designed for challenging applications and work environments like those found on construction sites or for post construction clean-up. The two bypass motors generate 250 CFM and 94.5 inches of water lift ideal for capturing large and fine debris and particulate which is first filtered cyclonically and then through a durable polyester cartridge filter with large surface area ensuring clean air discharge. A galvanized cone overlaps a cast metal tangential entry point which enhances the cyclonic effect for separation of heavy debris helping to protect and preserve the life of the polyester cartridge filter. To ensure airflow is maintained the Trantor is equipped with a filter shaker that helps to clean the surface of the cartridge filter during and after the vacuum is in operation. In applications where a power tool might be needed an 800 watt grounded plug is mounted on the control panel of the vacuum. The plug is connected in such a way as to permit the vacuum to turn on when the power tool is powered allowing for source capture of debris when equipped for this purpose. The heavy gauge 20 gallon capacity stainless steel recovery bin is mounted on a steel trolley with heavy duty casters to improve mobility in application where uneven surfaces or exterior use demands. The Trantor has a one meter heavy duty power cord designed for use with commercial extension cords. Use of a shorter cord helps prevent costly service or repair on site of a damaged cord that can’t easily be replaced. The Trantor 94665 kit delivers with a full set of 1.50” commercial cleaning tools designed to complement the vacuum. The Trantor is targeted at applications demanding a durable vacuum such as construction site clean-up. Post construction clean-up. Hard wood floor sanding where the shaker feature maintain the vacuums performance when exposed to fine particulate. In plant or factory applications where a vacuum that can recover both heavy and fine debris is demanded. For elevated cleaning and gutter cleaning applications the Trantor’s large tangential entry point is ideal. The 93125 system is designed for easy cleaning of elevated surfaces up to 24 feet from the floor. The 93125 set is designed to keep you from having to use a ladder with all of it’s attendant risks. Two pivoting head Sidewinder tools allow the tools to automatically find both horizontal or vertical surface for effective source capture of debris. A five inch and seven inch pipe cleaning tool are included for cleaning conduit, pipes, and other curved surfaces. Each connection is made with a positive locking button or with an ABS compression collar so the system will not separate when used overhead or extended on a horizontal plane from an elevated platform. Set-up with the three main poles, an adaptor wand and the heaviest accessory the set weighs less than six pounds making it easy to control and promoting less user fatigue. Three ventilation tools allow the cleaning of 1, 2 and 4 foot ventilation pipes.

  • The vacuum features two 2-stage bypass motors generating 250 and 94. 5” of water lift.

  • Includes a 20 gallon heavy gauge stainless steel recovery bin with tangential entry and cyclonic separation in front of the durable polyester cartridge filter
  • Operates at 68 dBA measured ten feet from the operating vacuum.

  • Has a cast metal tangential entry point with spring loaded quick connection of the hose. The entry point is covered by a galvanized cyclonic cone that helps to create the cyclonic action necessary for separation of debris from the air stream helping to protect the polyester cartridge filter from direct exposure to all but the finest debris in the air stream.

  • Features an 800 w plug on the control panel for operation of power tools. The vacuum is activated through the power tool switch or with a two position switch on the control panel.

  • Equipped with a filter shaker to clean the surface of the cartridge filter of fine particulate during or after operation preserving airflow and extending the life of the cartridge filter.

  • System designed for cleaning elevated surfaces safely from the floor or platform up to 24 feet without the use of ladders that expose the user to risk of a fall.

  • System includes three light weight aluminum telescopic wand as well as three adaptor wands with compression collars to secure accessories for cleaning pipes, horizontal, and vertical surfaces both elevated or on the floor.

  • Each section of the system is designed to lock in place for safe cleaning overhead or when extending horizontally from an elevated platform. At less than 6 pounds equipped with the tool of choice it is easily controlled in use.

  • The three brush tools included have a curved surface designed to engage the surface of ventilation duct or other similar round surfaces from 6” in diameter all the way up to five feet in diameter 

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