Depureco AC 65 Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum


The AC 65 is the most powerful AIR industrial vacuum in the Depureco range. Thanks to the high-performance Venturi pipe, an impressive vacuum of 500 mBar can be obtained. The AC 65 industrial vacuum works in all conditions: dust, solids, shavings, liquids, and difficult materials using pipes that can be several meters long. This vacuum cleaner is fitted as standard with a 24,000 cm2 polyester pocket filter certified as M Class by BIA (Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit) with a 1µ filtration efficiency. The filter can be customized to a specific application.

In this vacuum model anti-static filters are available to prevent electrostatic charges, in NOMEX to withstand high temperatures (up to 250°C), Teflon coated to work with wet materials and with PTFE nanotechnology treatment to work with the most difficult dust. The AC 65 vacuum is equipped with a manual filter cleaning system. The filter can be shaken easily and effectively with the lever on the side of the vacuum. A handy detachable container on wheels allows the operator to collect the vacuumed material and conveniently dispose of it. The container can have a capacity of either 65 lt or 100 lt; in both cases, it has reinforced outer support for the 4 castor wheels so that it can be handled safely even when it contains several kg of material. Tiltable kit for containers available on demand.

Surface: 24.000 cm2

Capacity: 65 L



Suction type Venturi Pipe
Maximum Vacuum 500 mBar
Maximum Air Flow 480 m3/h
Noise level – (EN ISO 3744) 70 dB(A)
Pressure Required 6 – 8
Air Required 1233



Type  Star Filter
Class EN 60335-2-69 M Class
Media Polyester
Filter Cleaning Manual Shaker



Inlet   80 Ø mm
Dimensions 660 x 800 mm
Height 1200 mm
Weight 62 Kg