Depureco AS 085 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


The AS 085 industrial vacuum is designed to collect production trimmings. This vacuum from Depureco’s food & pharma range is fitted with a side-channel turbine situated under the collection chamber. Suction is pulled from the bottom, which means that the vacuumed material is sent straight into a filter bag, thus allowing a large number of light materials to be recovered, such as paper, plastic, and packaging trimmings. The inspection window on the top cover of this vacuum cleaner allows the operator to inspect the level of material inside the container.

Power: 0.85 kW

Max Air Flow: 88 CFM

Capacity: 120 L



Suction type Side Channel Blower 
Voltage 400 V
IP 55
Maximum vacuum 210 mBar
Vacuum in continuous run 160 mBar
Maximum air flow 150 m3/h
Safety valve Included
Noise level – (EN ISO 3744) 64 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 1.14 HP
Insulation class F



Inlet 50 Ø mm 
Dimensions 510 x 590 mm
Height 1370
Weight 58 Kg