Depureco BL20 JC Z22 Industrial Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner


The BL 20 JC Z22 industrial vacuum cleaner is one of the most compact vacuum cleaners in the Depureco line. Suction takes place thanks to a high-performance Brushless motorthat guarantees silence and power. The BL 20 JC Z22 industrial vacuum cleaner has a large surface filter (35,000 cm2) certified in class M, with a filtration efficiency of up to 1 micron. On request, it is possible to install an absolute filter H14 to be able to vacuum even the finest dust. On this vacuum cleaner, there is a semi-automatic JetClean® filter cleaning system that allows you to clean the filter without having to stop the suction. The material is collected in an AISI 304 stainless steel container, on wheels, with a capacity of 20 Lt.

Power: 2.0 HP

Surface: 13,386 cm2

Capacity: 19 L



Suction type Brushless Motor 
Voltage 110/230V
Power 1.47 – 2.0 HP
Maximum vacuum 92 inH20
Maximum air flow 129 CFM
Bin capacity 19 L
Noise level – (EN ISO 3744) 72 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz



Type Cartridge 
Class EN 60335-2-69 M Class
Media Antistatic Polyester
Surface area 13,386 cm2
Diameter 30.5 cm



Inlet 50 Ø mm 
Dimensions 3463 x 3657 mm
Height 1050 mm
Weight 38 Kg