Depureco WD Air Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum


The WD AIR is an industrial vacuum cleaner powered by compressed air from the Depureco line, for the suction of liquids, even if dirty with debris and light sludge. This vacuum cleaner for liquids is equipped with two ejectors which, working in parallel, guarantee maximum performance. Each ejector is adjustable to provide more airflow or more depression depending on the application. Depureco’s WD AIR industrial vacuum is equipped with two bag filters, one in polyester or one in polypropylene to be used, depending on the application, to separate the solid material vacuumed from the liquid.

The capacity of the container of this unit is 130 Lt, allowing you to easily vacuum large quantities of material and be able to discharge it just as simple thanks to the drain located at the bottom of the container. A transparent tube is mounted on the front in order to check the level of the liquid inside the industrial vacuum. A float can be arranged in the container to vacuum in total safety.

Max Air Flow: 250 m3/h

Capacity: 130 L



Suction type Venturi Pipe
Maximum vacuum 500 mBar
Maximum air flow 250 m3/h
Noise level – (EN ISO 3744) 78 dB(A)
Pressure required 6 – 8
Air required 2500



Type  Bagged



Inlet 80 Ø mm 
Dimensions 660 x 800 mm
Height 1200 mm
Weight 62 Kg