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Duovac Sensa Central Vacuum with Basic Electric Kit ☆☆☆


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Duovac Sensa Central Vacuum with Basic Electric Kit

Though a compact model, the capacity of its electrostatic filter bag is quite impressive. This unit counts amongst the most silent vacuums on the market, and its performance easily compares to other vacuums of the same calibre. It is ideal for condos and apartments, and is also suitable for smaller houses. It is equipped with a Cyclofilter provided with an antimicrobial treatment, which inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi, so as to ensure a healthy environment and superior indoor air quality.
Basic Electric Attachment Kit
The Standard Electric Performance attachment set offers value and performance in a convenient and easy to use attachment set. The Performance attachment set includes a 30 ft. SuperHose III dual volt hose in a universal (corded) wall end. The 12" Performance power nozzle with geared belt drive, headlight and brush view window provides great carpet cleaning performance. The Hayden Signature tool set includes dusting brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, clip-on tool caddie and 12" hard floor brush. A hose hanger is included for wall mounted hose storage.

The Standard Electric Performance attachment set offers value and performance in a convenient and easy to use attachment set.

Airwatts: 560
Decibels: 55 dB
Air Flow: 120 CFM, 204 CMH
Water Lift: 128.1" (3254mm)
Turbines: 2
Bag Capacity: 16L (3.63 gal US)
Principle: Electrostatic Bag
Filtration: Cyclofiltre TM
Diameter: 11.9" (30.226 cm)
Height: 27.5" (69.85 cm)
Weight: 20 lb (9.07 kg)
House Size: 1200 - 3000 sq ft
Filtration Type: With Bag
Power Head Types: Electric

Basic Electric Attachment Kit

A value package with everything you need for cleaning your home is included in this set without any frills.  Included is a self adjusting basic electric power brush that works great on most carpet areas.  It can be turned on and off with the switch on the hose for convenience.  The 30' central vacuum hose included controls both the power unit as well as the power head.  This crush proof hose is a light central vacuum hose compared to the wire reinforced hose types.  For convenience, a bracket holds the power head cord in place so you can easily connect and disconnect the hose from the wand set.  For cleaning hardwood and other bare floors is a 10" natural hair floor brush.  The natural hairs make it safe for hardwood and other delicate surfaces.  In order to vacuum couches, stairs and mattresses there is an upholstery tool with a removable brush.  A natural hair dusting brush and crevice tool are also included.  These attachments will all fit on a tool caddy that can clip onto the vacuum wand so you have them when you need them.

Key Features

  • 30' light weight crush proof hose
  • 3 position switchwill control both the power unit as well as the power head
  • 13" cleaning path on power nozzle
  • Wooden brush roller
  • Standard rubber belt
  • 7' power cord
  • Automatically adjusts to the proper setting for just about any carpet height without the need for knobs or levers
  • 1 year warranty

Supplied Accessories

  • Self adjusting electric power nozzle
  • 30' electric hose
  • 2 piece wand with direct connection for hose
  • 10" bare floor brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Natural hair dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool with removable brush
  • Tool caddy that clips on hose
  • Hose hanger


Cyclo Vac central vacuums are protected by a lifetime warranty. We
guarantee that the unit body and dirt receptacle will be exempt of any
material or manufacturing defect for as long as you are the original
owner, and the system remains in its original place of installation.

Motors and electrical components are 100% guaranteed for a period of ten
(10) years or 500 hours of use, for E and GS series. As for DL and GX series,
these parts are
guaranteed for a period of 15 years or 750 hours of use. For
all models, our authorized service center will repair or replace (at Cyclo
Vac‰۪s discretion) the defective part or parts, free of labour charges, for a
period of five (5) years. In order to maint
ain your warranty, repairs must be made exclusively at an authorized Cyclo Vac service center, using original
Cyclo Vac or Trovac parts. This warranty does not cover the normal wear of
certain components such as filters. It doesn‰۪t cover the damages due to
misuse (at Cyclo Vac‰۪s discretion), commercial use, lack of adequate
maintenance, inadequate installation, negligence, natural disasters and

We are certain that you‰۪ll be completely satisfied with your Cyclo Vac
central vacuum system. For a period of one year from the purchase date, if
the performance of your central vacuum doesn‰۪t meet your expectations
and needs, simply return it to your dealer for refund or credit towards to
the purchase of another Cyclo Vac m
odel. This guarantee applies on the
power unit only, for domestic use.

Cyclo Vac attachments are guaranteed for a period of 3 years according to
the following modalities: if, during this period, an accessory
shows a manufacturing defect, simply return it to an authorized Cyclo Vac service
center with your invoice (indicating the bought accessories) and it will be
repaired or replaced according to the modalities of this guarantee.
However, this warranty does not cover misuse nor the normal wear of
certain components, such as belts, brushes, rollers and their components.
It‰۪s only valid for domestic use.
* Your Cyclo Vac attachments are clearly identified by a Cyclo Vac logo.
You‰۪ll find illustrations within your owner‰۪s manual. Any other attachment,
even if purchased in a Cyclo Vac store, is not covered by this Cyclo Vac 3
year warranty.

Note :
This warranty is valid for domestic use only. This guarantee is not a
modification, but an additional warranty to those
required by law. Any claim
relative to this warranty must be accompanied with an original invoice. Any
modification made to the product can invalidate the warranty. Shipping
charges and service calls are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is
not transferable. Cyclo Vac cannot be held responsible for any consecutive,
indirect or special damages caused by the use of this central vacuum
system. Keep all proofs of payment: invoice, delivery slip, etc. The date
appearing on these documents establishes
the warranty period. If warranty
service is required, you must show a proof of purchase. If such documents
cannot be supplied, the warranty period will be determined by the
manufacturing date of the product (indicated within the serial number of
the power unit).

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