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Rapid Flex Hose - 30ft (mini cuff)

Rapid Flex Hose - 30ft (mini cuff)


  • $13900

Rapid Flex central vacuum hoses are made of scratch resistant material that does not require a hose sock.  Rapid Flex hoses pull out more easily and retract faster than hose kits, and are a large diameter, increasing air flow 20-30%.  Our new Rapid Flex hoses feature the mini-cuff, which allows tools to fit directly onto the hose cuff for easier use.  Hose lengths can be customized to fit the home-owner's needs.  Trim desired length from end of hose that goes in valve first, then replace end cap into trimmed end.  (Do to trim the cuff-end of hose).


  • 1 Rapid Flex Hose - 30 ft (mini-cuff)

3-year warranty

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