Vacuflo DB7000 Central Vacuum Power Unit

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Vacuflo DB7000 Central Vacuum System

The VACUFLO DB7000 Central Vacuum offers the cleanest solution possible with its amazing CleanShield replaceable bag. The CleanShield bag collects vacuumed dirt and dust and is easily changed for the ultimate dirtless experience. With a typical vacuum, fine dust and bacteria go back into the air as you vacuum, irritating allergy and asthma sufferers. But with the Vacuflo DB7000 unit, the problem is solved. VACUFLO DB7000 power units take central vacuum cleaning to the next level so you never have to touch the dirt. The dirt simply can't escape, making the air of your home cleaner and healthier for you. With the DB7000 Central Vacuum, a permanent CarbonCapture filter even captures carbon dust from escaping into the air.

With an all steel canister combined with a durable lexan dirt canister, these units are built to last and last. That's why Vacuflo offers a Lifetime Warranty on their products.


Vacuflo central vacuum systems are manufactured by HP Products. Since 1948 Vacuflo has been providing customers with powerful cleaning and improved indoor air quality. The cyclonic separation of their units means there is no power loss as the dirt canister fills.

To support their lifetime warranty, VACUFLO has a vast network of dealers located across the United States and Canada.


Key Features

Home Square Footage: 7,000
Voltage: 120
Max Amps: 14.8
Air Watts: 601
CFM: 110
Water Lift: 158"
Dirt Capacity: 6 Gallons
Level of Quietness: 62 dB
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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