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Wessel-Werk Turbo Brush PT160

Wessel-Werk Cordless Turbo Brush PT160


  • $5995

The PT 160 turbo brush is Wessel–Werks German engineered hand-held tool. This turbobrush is great to use on carpeted stairs, the interior of your car, or upholstery. If a standard upholstery tool isn’t cutting it for your stubborn pet hair this is the tool for you.
The brush in this hand held tool operates by the air that passes through the fan chamber. The air spins the fan blade and in turn drives the belt that turns the brush roller. If the tool ever clogs the fan is easy to access for quick cleaning.
The PT 160 turbo brush is impressively compact. It has offers a 6-3/8" cleaning path all with in an overall dimension of 2-1/2" x 7-3/4".
This brush does not require electric and can be used with any practically any vacuum. Confirm that your hose end is 1-1/4" and this will work!

Key Features

  • High efficiency/Heavy duty turbine - Unit will operate effectively when used with the weakest orf the most powerful vacuum
  • The pivoting suction mouth assures most effective orientation of nozzle to cleaning surface
  • Double chevron brush assures even constant brush contact to the surface and guides debris to the intake orifice
  • Made of excessively durable high impact ABS plastic
  • Swivel Neck Assembly provides excellent maneuverability for cleaning hard to reach areas

If you have an electric hose and our looking for something a little better check out the HEB 160 Electric Hand Tool!



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