4 Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum

4 Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum

Few people enjoy doing housework. Vacuuming is one of those tasks that means dragging out a heavy, smelly machine that you will need to replace every few years. Performing this task is far less complicated with a central vacuum system. Since manufacturers make more money by selling you a new portable vacuum periodically, they don't emphasize the benefits of a Central Vacuum Installation in Ottawa.

Reasons why you should have a central vacuum system

While you may have considered this, you may think it is not possible since you would not like to tear out walls in your existing home completely. Actually, there needs to be only a single hole that is covered with an inlet backing plate. The pipes are actually run through the attic, basement or crawlspace. Read on if you would like more reasons for a central vac system.


The noise level with a central vacuum is greatly lowered. The motor is usually in the garage or basement instead of the very room in which you are trying to hear the phone ring or the next room when you are trying to get some sleep. The only noise comes from the air going through the head.

Ease of Use 

You won't need to drag out the heavy portable unit. You simply connect the hose to the central system and easily move from room to room. There are a variety of attachments that make cleaning all those tricky spots much easier than hauling the machine around. It makes cleaning more efficient. You won't need to deal with power cords or filters with the central system. They are not awkward and won't throw you off balance. They will last longer than portables.

Reduced Allergens 

A research study has shown that central vacuums are more effective at removing dust and particles from interior rooms. That is because the airflow moves through the hoses to the main power unit located in the basement or garage and then vented outdoors. Portable units have airflow exhaust that blows back into the room.

Better Cleaning 

Central vacuum systems have the ability to reach less accessible areas because of their long hoses and variety of tool accessories. It is better for cleaning vehicles, boats, and even the garage because it doesn't stir the dust. Their motors are significantly stronger than those in portables and can handle greater amounts of airflow and debris. This means they will not only pick up dust but will remove grit or other particulates.

Get a central vacuum system for your home.

Adding a central vacuum system into your home is an investment. Not only does it make your life easier now, but it will also increase the house's value when you decide to put it on the market. If you are considering Central Vacuum Installation in Ottawa, check out our online store and if you have any questions, don't hesitate on contacting us!