Can my vacuum be making me sick?

Can my vacuum be making me sick?

Most people are familiar with a vacuum sweeper. You plug it in and roll it over the floors. Things disappear. What is actually happening is the motor allows the vacuum to suction up anything small and light enough to be absorbed. It takes the dirt and debris and stores it in a disposable bag or canister which you clean periodically. But there are some things that can help, such as regularly cleaning your vacuum or investing in a central vacuum installation.

Can My Vacuum Make Me Sick?

The short answer is yes. If you don't clean your vacuum regularly, it can become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, and other nasty stuff. When you use it, all of that gets blown into the air and can cause respiratory problems.

About the suctioned air.

The air that the motor creates that comes from the floor or the hose is filtered and then exhausted through a vent on the machine. That air also contains all of the minute elements that were too small to be contained. That means you are returning spores, pollen, and dust into the very room you are trying to clean and sometimes right into your face.

When you remove the vacuum from its storage area or when you start it up, have you ever noticed an unusual odour? That is from the residue from the pet hair, food, and odds and ends that can build up inside the machine and then be re-dispersed into the room air. Besides the unpleasantness, these are the very things you are trying to remove. The dander and pollen that cause sneezing and runny noses are just not going away.

This is particularly difficult if your household has someone with pulmonary issues like allergies, asthma, infection, or fluid buildup. The answer is a central vacuum system.

Can a Central Vacuum Installation help?

With a central vacuum system, the motor is installed in a remote area of the house like a basement or garage. As the suctioned air is moved through the hoses, the exhaust is far away from the living area of your home. The system can sometimes be installed to expel the air and all of the particles to the outdoors. That means your home is left truly cleaned and full of fresh air.

Get a central vacuum unit.

If you are worried about the health of your loved ones, maybe a Central Vacuum Installation is a good option for you. A central vacuum installation can really help improve the indoor air quality of your home. If you want to know more about centra vacuums, talk to one of our vacuum specialists or check our online store.