Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home

It is very frustrating to purchase an appliance only to realize that it doesn't suit your purposes, and now you are stuck with it. In today's product differentiation, shopping can be stressful. It is not necessarily as clear-cut as you might expect when you need a new vacuum. It can be hard to decide if a Canister Vacuum Ottawa or an Upright Vacuum Ottawa is the best choice for your needs. You need to consider your lifestyle, the style of your home, and your preferences.

Assuming that you have already decided that you need a new vacuum, the next step is to evaluate which type of vacuum will work best for you. Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

Different styles of vacuums.


This is a traditional type with a roller and brush that dislodge the dirt and the suction that pulls the debris into a bag (usually disposable). They have a variety of attachments, some of which are included in the purchase and some not. It is heavy and provides the best power and suction. 


This is a tank placed on the floor, and the nozzle is attached to a stick-like tube that connects to a hose that goes into the canister. They are good if you have multiple levels (like a split design) and a fair amount of stairs. You can easily carry the vacuum, which also means you are often bending to pick it up. They provide about the same suction and power as an upright.


This is sometimes called a stick vacuum. It is lightweight and easy to store and use. They are suitable for small spaces but have less suction than upright or canister vacuums.


These are not especially powerful but are great if you want a daily sweep around the floors. They are low enough to clean under furniture but are not good for stairs. They can either be a fun ride or a terror for cats.


This is like an old dust buster and is good for a quick suction or stairs but not appropriate for an entire house.

Cord or cordless? Bag or bottle? That is the question.

Now we get to some other options you will face.

Bag or Bottle

When the vacuum suctions up the dust and dirt, it has to go somewhere. The choices are a paper bag which is easy to install and remove but will add up over time since they are single-use, or a bottle or bin. The bin can be a mess to clean, and you need to have a filter.

Cordless or Cord

Battery-powered vacuums let you move quickly without tripping over a power cord. However, you won't get more than an hour's work out of it. Models with cords will use more electricity, but you can finish the entire house in one operation.

What about the filter?

Finally, the filter. Not all filters are the same. Some are higher efficiency, like a HEPA filter. They allow fewer allergens, pet dander, and the like back into the air as the vacuum does its suctioning, but they are more expensive. 

No matter what vacuum you choose, count on The Vacuum Store.

Now that you know about the types of vacuum cleaners, it's time to take the next step and actually purchase one! If you are still in doubt about which vacuum you should buy, that's where we come in! The Vacuum Store is the best place to buy a vacuum in Ottawa. We have a wide range of vacuums from different brands and can help you choose the perfect one for your needs!

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