How to finish vacuuming quicker

How to finish vacuuming quicker - The Vacuum Store

For most people cleaning the house is a chore that you would like completed as soon as possible. One of the trade tricks is to multi-purpose your vacuum, which can make you finish the task faster. With the right central vacuum accessory in Ottawa, you can clean more than just the floors, which will help you clean your home more quickly.

Here are some vacuum hacks you may not have even considered.

Brush Attachment for Dusting

Many things in your home seem to attract more dust than others. These include blinds and curtains as well as baseboards, wall décor and others. Using the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner will suction the dirt and dust rather than just moving it around or sending it flying through the air to land somewhere else. Be cautious of the speed. You may want to turn it on low for blinds, especially curtains, or areas where small items live.

Deep Cleaning Days

On those days when you give everything a great and deep clean, start with the brush attachment and dust all the items. When you have just about finished for the day, go over the surfaces again with the brush attachment to collect any dust that may have come from your hard work. Removing the first layer of dust and dirt makes the rest of the cleaning smoother, and finishing removes any extra particles that blew around. Using spray cleaning products for dusting just accumulates over time.

Vacuum Brush Rolls

Use a seam ripper to clean the brush rollers. It dislodges the string and hair easily. Scissors can damage the brushes or roller.

Tight Areas

When it comes to those tiny spaces in the hardwood flooring or tracks on a patio door, a vacuum may not be enough. That is when you should take a toilet paper roll and pinch the end of the cardboard into the correct shape to get out all that dirt. Another option is to use the top of a squeeze bottle.

Small Items

When you drop the back of an earring or other tiny object, it isn't easy to see and may require crawling around on hands and knees feeling for it. Instead, attach a stocking to the end of the vacuum hose and secure it with a strong rubber band. This creates a filter that will capture the lost item easily but prevent it from being sucked into the canister or bag.

Finding the right Central Vacuum Acessory in Ottawa.

If you are trying to improve your ability to finish your house chores with a central vacuum accessory in Ottawa, you have many options available to you. At The Vacuum Store, you can find a range of accessories that helps you with a certain task or one that helps you do multiple tasks more efficiently. Check out our online store or contact us!