How to maintain your central vacuum filter

How to maintain your central vacuum filter

With the installation of new central vacuum systems and many people moving into homes with a central vac system already in place, there is an increasing number of questions about how to maintain the system. Here are some tips for dealing with a self-cleaning, inverted central vacuum filter in Ottawa.

How it works.

First, you need to understand how it works. The vacuum is turned on and its cone-shaped filter is raised by the air power to the top of the unit. All of the dirt, debris, and other waste materials are suctioned, heavier particles drop into the waste receptacle, and the tiny bits are exhausted into the outdoors or other areas far from your living space. As you power off the vacuum, the filter is dropped back into the waste canister, shaking any remaining dirt or dust.

How the maintenance works.

With many central vac systems, the filter will need to be changed about twice a year. This will vary with the amount of usage and how much dust comes in for your part of the country. With a self-cleaning vac, it is so much simpler. Periodically wipe the fabric of the filter with a damp cloth, or use a traditional vacuum sweeper or a shop vac to give it a thorough cleaning.

Sometimes people think there is something lodged inside the filter. Actually, there is a weighted pouch at the bottom of the filter that collects debris. There is no need to do anything with the pouch or the filter. It is there as part of the entire mechanism.

Getting help.

If you have more questions, contact us and talk to one of our specialists. They are happy to help you learn everything necessary about your central vacuum system. If you need a new central vacuum filter in Ottawa, check out our online store for the best options on the market.