Innovative features of vacuum cleaners

Innovative features of vacuum cleaners

Just like all technologies, vacuum cleaners keep improving over the years. You can choose from a variety of vacuum bags, different vacuum filters in Ottawa to ensure that your vacuum is working correctly and many accessories for your canister vacuum in Ottawa. If you haven't been shopping for one in a while, or feel the need to upgrade, here are some features and vacuum accessories to look for.

5 innovative features of vacuum cleaners 

Retractable Cord

It may seem like a small thing unless you are trying to get through a quick vacuuming and you keep getting tangled in the cord, or just hate flipping it everywhere just to get done, then look into a model with a retractable power cord. It is more common to find them on canister models than uprights, and the longer lengths (30 feet) will be more versatile.


Strap-on vacuums are great for apartments or awkward areas like hallways or stairs. Generally, these are found in commercial models, but they might be suitable for you.


This has been available for quite some time. Obviously, no bags to buy, great! However, you will still have a filtration system that needs maintenance. The filter may need replacement per the manufacturer's timetable. You will be able to see the amount of dust and dirt accumulated in the bin, but emptying it can be a challenge until you figure out how to prevent a dust cloud from blowing back in your face and the room.


They make cats crazy but are a boon to the busy person. They can be programmed to work when you are not around. They can slip under large pieces of furniture and go all around the room methodically based on size and configuration. They won't be able to get deep into the corners and may be a bit pricy if all you want is light vacuuming.


If you use a traditional vacuum sweeper, you know that in order to cool the motor, it will exhaust air back into the room. Unfortunately, that means that some dust, pollen, and pet dander also go back into the room. Using a HEPA vacuum filter in Ottawa is one good option. Other systems can include a water filtration system or electrostatic precipitation. Some of the latest ideas include using UV lights to kill microbes.


Dyson is not the only provider of this tornadic wind that sucks the dirt into a holding tray. Just be sure to research each make and model carefully so that you get what you want.

Where to find the best vacuum cleaners in Ottawa?

Now that you know about these useful and innovative features recent vacuums offer, it's time to start looking for a model that will work great in your home. If you are asking yourself where you can find the best vacuum cleaners in Ottawa, search no more. The Vacuum Store offers an extensive list of vacuum options and accessories, including Dry Vacuum Acessories Ottawa, Wet Vacuum Acessories Ottawa, Central Vacuum Hoses, Vacuum Power Heads and more. Contact us if you have any questions.