Is a Central Vacuum System Right for Your Home?

Is a Central Vacuum System Right for Your Home?

You may have thought that having a Central Vacuum Unit in Ottawa installed in your home would be nice but wondered if you really would benefit from it. Here are some things to think about.

What Is a Central Vacuum Unit in Ottawa?

First, a central vacuum system is three essential elements: A central vacuum unit, concealed PVC pipes, and accessories. The systems come in one of two types: Cyclonic or filtered. In a cyclonic system, the air is circulated, like in a tornado, and gravity separates the particles heavier than air, like dust and debris, and they are deposited into a canister. Filtered systems can be either bags or bagless. The bagless system is self-cleaning.

How Does it work?

Unlike a traditional portable vacuum, a central vacuum has a unit placed away from the general living area, like a basement, garage, or utility area. That way, the elements being taken in by the hoses are not just blown back into the same room. A network of pipes is installed through the walls and floors connecting to inlets into which the hoses are attached. Anything taken through the vacuum moves through the hose and pipes and then to the central vacuum unit. You restore the hoses to their storage area, and you are done.

Pros and cons of central vacuum systems.

The benefits.

Using a central system means you avoid hauling a portable vacuum around from room to room and dealing with power cords. You just insert the hose into the intake and then move the hose to another room when you are ready. You can adjust the hose height to your comfort level instead of being restricted by the manufacturer's average height.

Central systems have a greater suction power, so you are cleaning more thoroughly. They also have a larger storage area for the debris, which means cleaning the storage less often. The air also vents through to the storage unit instead of a vent that simply blows air back into the room you are trying to clean. That means less residue, including dust, pollen and other allergens—all of this with a lower noise level.

Traditional, portable vacuum sweepers have an average usable life span of about three years. That means you will need to have them repaired or replaced at that point. Those costs will add up over time. A central unit will be effective for about 20 years with the only expense of filters, bags, and a bit of preventive maintenance.

The disadvantages.

With all this, it can be that a central system is not for you. There are some contributing factors. These include the size and configuration of your house, location, type of system available, and connections. The most common breakdown is with the motors, which will need replacement, including labour costs. The initial installation will also involve labour, materials, and possibly electrical work. You will need the appropriate space for the unit, which could be a problem if your garage is already full and you have a finished basement. You will also need the right place to store the long hoses and accessories.

Get a central vacuum system for your home.

The bottom line is that a central vacuum system is great for most people, and you could be one of them.  If you have the space and the budget, go ahead and get one. You’ll be glad you did. Check out our online store or contact us to know more about the benefits of the Central Vacuum Unit in Ottawa.