Key things to look for in a commercial vacuum cleaner

Key things to look for in a commercial vacuum cleaner

Commercial properties involve many different types of business operations. It can be traditional offices, manufacturing, restaurant, hotel, or others. When it comes to keeping the space clean, you will need to use a commercial vacuum cleaner. While a cleaner designed for home use is fine, it cannot compare to one specifically designed to work in commercial spaces. These handle the deep cleaning and accidents that make the area safe for your employees, residents, guests, and customers. 

When you start shopping for one, here are some things to keep in mind.

Decide your needs

Look down. Different brands or models are designed for different flooring types. Carpeting cleans best with an upright. It is easy to maneuver and can move from room to room fairly easily. You will need to deal with a power cord, but that is not difficult. A canister style will be more appropriate if you have upholstery or staircases. 

Restaurants or those facilities with display cabinets or other items that are permanently in place or heavy to move will need a vacuum with a smaller cleaning head. This will allow access to smaller or tighter spaces and around larger objects. 

You might consider a backpack version if you employ janitors or run your own cleaning company. It is lightweight and comes with ergonomic pads and supports to allow the wearer to use it for extended periods without risking injury. It is also very versatile for a number of different floor types and furniture arrangements.

For upholstery, drapes, and stairs, as you find in restaurants, hotels, or apartment buildings, select a portable handheld model. It deals with the smaller areas of chairs or valances. 

If the area is prone to wet spots, then you need to consider a wet/dry vac. This can handle most liquid spills and dust you would find in a carpentry shop.


The Carpet and Rug Institute offers an approval system for vacuum devices. After rigorous testing, vacuums are awarded a seal of approval. That is your guide that the product has been thoroughly run through many different circumstances and has passed.

Vacuum Filter

A difficult choice is the type of filter used in commercial vacuums. A vacuum works by creating suction to take up the dust and debris in floorings and furniture, and then the air is forced through a filter to eliminate microorganisms. The air is then expelled. If the air is sent back through a vent, you have simply re-released those microorganisms into the room you cleaned.

Manufacturers have developed several options. Disposable filters are convenient since they can be disposed of after a single building cleaning or after several uses in a single-room situation. However, it means that you will need to continue to purchase replacements over time. Washable filters last for years, but you will need to spend extra time washing them and allowing them to dry thoroughly before another use. Odour filters have an active coil that reduces scents in the air, which can be good in manufacturing or restaurants. HEPA filters are suggested for areas where allergens are a concern.


The motor, air suction, and vibrations all contribute to the amount of noise a vacuum will make. Some models will produce a lower level of noise than others. Depending on when you intend to use the sweeper, you can decide which will work best for you.


Most vacuums allow you to adjust the height of the beater bar from the floor. This is to accommodate different thicknesses in carpet piles or for hardwood floors. Some can come with an automatic adjustment so the user can be more productive.

This will all give you a better idea of what to look for as you shop for and purchase your next vacuum cleaner for your commercial property.

Where to find a commercial vacuum cleaner?

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