Pros and Cons of Central Vacuum in Ottawa

Pros and Cons of Central Vacuum in Ottawa

There is much chatter about central vacuum systems. If installing a Central Vacuum Unit in Ottawa is something you have been considering, read on to see the benefits and drawbacks of this cleaning apparatus.

What is a Central Vacuum Unit?

A central vacuum is an internal solution for removing dirt and debris from carpets, floors, upholstery, and dusting. It has a central power source located away from the main living quarters like in a garage, basement, utility shed, or closet. It can come with detachable or retractable hoses at ports located in various places in the home. Some systems also have slots that can suck debris that acts as a suction dustpan.



Carrying a vacuum up and down the stairs can be tiring and inconvenient if you have multiple floors. You only need to deal with a single hose with a central system. If you have a system with retractable hoses, you won't even have that.

One of the major advantages is that you only need to clean the bin that stores the debris two or three times per year versus every few times you run the traditional vacuum.


The central vac is very noise-free. You can run it while children sleep or someone else is watching television. You can hear the phone ring or someone at the door.

Strong Suction

Because the motors are very large, the central system has greater suction power. 

Air Quality

When you watch a traditional vacuum work, you will see that the air used to suction the floor is vented back into the room. This generally carries some dust, pollen, etc., back into the space you have just cleaned. Also, the bin that holds the debris is located outside the general living area, so it won't feed back into the house either.


Central vacs are very sturdy and last 20 years or more. Traditional vacuum sweepers usually last about eight years.

Home Value

Built-in vacuum systems generally add value to the home at the time of resale.



If you have the system installed as the home is being built, it is less expensive than if you add it to an existing structure. The unit price will vary depending on the type and manufacturer and the number of connections.


If the issue is behind the walls, you can expect a large labour bill, plus consider that it will take a specialist to work on the unit.


The studies are ongoing, but it will depend on how often you intend to use the system.


Traditional vacs have a pretty small footprint and often fit into closets. The hoses that are used in the central system will need their own storage area, which can be pretty large.

Less Versatility

There are not necessarily as many attachments available. You also need to be cautious about the size of the objects that the hose suctions or you can have a severe problem.

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