Things you shouldn't vacuum

Things you shouldn't vacuum - The Vacuum Store

Everyone will probably agree that it feels so nice to have a neat, tidy, and vacuumed house. Cleaning is indeed easier with a central vacuum unit in Ottawa and offers a practical alternative to pushing around a traditional sweeper.

However, there are definitely some items that you should avoid with the vacuum. Cleaning the wrong things can make your vacuum less effective and can even damage it beyond repair. 

Here are some things you should not vacuum:

Cosmetics and makeup

The brush attachment on the sweeper will only worsen the stain and drive it deeper into the carpet pile. If it is suctioned into the sweeper itself, it will generally melt, affecting the mechanisms and hose and probably ruining the cylinder or bag. Instead, carefully clean as much of the mess by hand and then use a stain remover for the balance.


Fireplaces emit fine dust or ash. The filtering system on any vacuum is not fine enough to handle this dust. This substance will only coat the inside and clog the machine. Use a hand brush to sweep up the majority of the ash and dust, and then use a damp paper towel or napkin to dab it over the area. The ash will adhere to the napkin or paper towel, and you can dispose of it in the trash. You can also use a damp towel, but it may stain the towel irreparably.

Wet food

Soup, cereal, sauces, pet food, or anything wet or soggy should be cleaned up with paper towels or microfiber cleaning cloths. The vacuum will only sustain damage if you try to use it on the wet stuff.


Any liquid should be avoided at all costs. Your vacuum is electric, and using it around water can be dangerous. Even if you do suction the water, it will combine with the dirt and debris already in the cylinder, hoses, and other parts of the machine to create a mess that will eventually mildew. Using a specially designed shop vac or wet and dry vac is acceptable. Otherwise, use towels.


Any type of broken glass, including shards or tiny bits, will cut and tear through many parts of your vacuum sweeper. Larger pieces can become lodged in tubes, pipes and other areas. You should carefully sweep up the larger pieces and dispose of them safely. Then using a damp paper towel, tap on the smaller bits until they adhere to the paper towel for disposal. Moving the towel around may scratch the surface of your flooring.

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