Vacuum-related mistakes you can avoid

Vacuum-related mistakes you can avoid

A vacuum sweeper is undoubtedly one of the best cleaning appliances. It is an investment in your home and personal life. A Canister Vacuum in Ottawa, for example, is very versatile. They are perfect for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery and more. But like any other appliance, there are certain things you should avoid doing with your vacuum sweeper.

Here are some mistakes that are relatively common but can undoubtedly be avoided.


The vacuum usually comes with a number of accessories like hoses and brushes. Each is designed to help clean various home parts, including upholstery, blinds, corners, lampshades, and other items. Use the appropriate tool for the item you are cleaning. Using the wrong attachment can damage the item you are trying to keep clean.


Proper vacuuming suctions the dirt and debris that accumulates in carpeting and flooring. Allow sufficient time to do this job right the first time. Moving too quickly will leave dust and dirt behind, and you will not have the clean you want.


If you only wait until your house looks untidy, you are making your job harder. It will take longer to get the area thoroughly clean. While the debris sits on your carpet and furniture is beginning to damage the fabric's filaments. It also leaves your family and guests breathing air that is not as clean as it should be. Set a schedule for cleaning and vacuuming, and you will be more satisfied with the appearance of your home.


Your vacuum is not designed to handle glass or other sharp objects. In fact, trying to use it for such tasks will risk permanent damage to the hose or other parts of the machine. Instead, sweep up all the larger pieces and follow with a damp paper towel to carefully remove any small pieces.

Vacuum in both directions

Vacuuming in a single direction and then repeating the action across the same area will ensure that you remove all the dust and debris possible by moving the knap of the carpet or fabric in both directions.

Extension Cord

Only use the power cords that come with the vacuum on the vacuum. Extension cords are not recommended. Using an improperly rated cable can become a fire hazard. Also, periodically check the cord for any fraying or damage and have it repaired or replaced promptly.

Large Items

Take the time to bend over and pick up larger items by hand. Suctioning items that are too large or awkward can damage the nozzle, hose, bin or other parts of the machine. This includes coins, stones, marbles, and toys.


Using baking soda or other powders that claim to help clean your floors can actually damage your vacuum. If there is moisture around, the baking soda will start to solidify. Even if nothing is wet, the powder can adhere to the inside of the hose and eventually clog up.

Soft Drinks

You should never use your vacuum to attempt to clean up a spill of any type, hot or cold. Especially something sweet like a soft drink will do nothing but damage your vacuum irreparably.

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