What makes vacuum cleaners so loud?

What makes vacuum cleaners so loud?

Whether you have a Canister Vacuum or an Upright Vacuum, we can agree they make it easier to keep your home or business tidy. However, sometimes they seem so loud! Some of the noise is normal operation, but if you hear something exceptionally loud or significantly different, it is time to check for maintenance.

Why are vacuum cleaners so noisy?

A vacuum works because a motor turns a fan at extremely high speeds, which creates suction to sweep up the dirt, debris, and pollen and expels air out a vent. The greater amount of suction, the louder it will be. As the air moves through the unit, it exerts enough force that some of the plastic parts may vibrate and make some noise. 

The big noisemaker is the motor. It is a small engine, and as it spins, it moves a belt. 

If you think your vacuum is noisier than before or the sound appears different or strange, your machine could have some problems.

Issues that make vacuums louder.


It could be an accumulation of debris or a large item creating a dam. Start with the hoses and work your way through the unit until the item is found and dislodged.


If you have not checked the vacuum filters in a while, do so. Some are designed to be replaced, and some can be cleaned and reinserted.


The fan can collect dust on the edges of its blades. You will need to replace the fan assembly if they cannot be cleaned.

Brush Bearing

This can become damaged or broken. It is not usually something a homeowner wants to tackle, and it is best handled by a professional dealer or repair company.

Getting rid of the noise.

There are some regular maintenance items that you can deal with that will help your vacuum perform properly. This starts with cleaning the brush roller. It is especially easy for a string or debris to accumulate. Check the belt to make sure it is secure and not frayed. If so, replace it. Filters should be checked regularly, preferably before you put them away. Change it when it looks very dirty or cleans it per instructions. One of the first places to check is the bag or bin that collects all the refuse you vacuum up. Change the bag when it is two-thirds filled and be sure it is secure. The container should be cleaned when it is half to three-quarters filled.

Need a new vacuum cleaner?

If you have tried everything to eliminate the noise and still think your vacuum is too loud, it might be time to get a new and updated vacuum for your home. While there are many different brands and models of vacuum cleaners on the market, not all of them will be a good fit for your home, so the best way to choose is to have the right vacuum professionals helping you. At The Vacuum Store, we have years of experience in the vacuum industry. We can help you choose a new canister vacuum that will suit your needs and be much quieter than your current model. If you prefer an upright vacuum, we can also help you find a model that will be much quieter and easier to use in your home according to your needs. Check out our online store to know more about our vacuums, or contact us if you have any questions.