What to expect from a central vacuum installation in Ottawa

What to expect from a central vacuum installation in Ottawa

Vacuuming is a chore, and it is just compounded when you need to haul the machine from room to room, plugging and unplugging. It becomes very heavy when you need to deal with staircases. Changing the bag or cleaning the canister of all the dirt and debris is an absolute mess. After vacuuming, you still need to dust again because of the residue that came back into the room. While it is not a task many enjoy, vacuuming can be made easier and better with a central vacuum system. You may have heard about them or know someone installing it in their home. Before you make appointments for estimates, you should understand what to expect from a central vacuum installation in Ottawa.

What is a central vacuum?

With a central vacuum system, the motor is installed in a central location like a basement or garage. There is a system of pipes around the perimeter of the rooms and inlets placed where they will be convenient to vacuum. They can be in closets or along the baseboards near the floor. There are hoses that connect to the pipes through the inlets, and you use them to vacuum like normal. The pipes whisk away all the dirt and debris to the central location into a large canister. This is a highly convenient system to use and significantly easier than maneuvering a large or bulky vacuum around the house.

What is the process of central vacuum installation in Ottawa?

The system is installed by professionals. It is best if it is placed in the home as it is being built. However, it can be added to an existing house simply and without much mess. The crew will need access to the attic, basement, and crawl spaces. They will install the central motor and canister in an area away from the main living quarters. They will cut small holes for the inlet hoses. There are a number of options you can discuss with your dealer.

How does the debris collection work?

All the debris is held in a canister with a capacity of about 10 gallons, which is about right for the average house. With this size, you will only need to empty or replace the canister a couple of times a year. That means you won't be handling those messy bags each week.

How powerful is a central vacuum?

Central vacuums are significantly powerful compared to traditional portable vacuums, and they include a filtration system to help reduce allergens and microscopic particles. It collects more debris from all of the surfaces in your home. You won't need to go over the same area of carpet multiple times to remove all the debris. This will shorten the time you spend and make the job easier at the same time. It can be designed to operate in the garage or workshop to clean up those larger or heavier messes.

Because there is increased power, you will need to ensure the area is cleared of toys and small pets. You will also need to monitor children and be sure they understand this is not a plaything. Pets and children can suffer injuries if not careful.

Central Vacuum Accessories and Tools

There are a standard set of tools that come with the system, as well as several options you can get to make the system work better for you, like a retractable hose and various attachments.

There is a number of other issues that will be explained in detail when you work with your central vacuum dealer and installer. That will include the simple maintenance and full operation of the system. 

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