What you shouldn't do with a vacuum cleaner

What you shouldn't do with a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum sweeper is one of the workhorse appliances in our home. It is easy to forget that it is only a machine, and it does have limits. There are some things you need to avoid so that you won't need to replace them prematurely.

Things you shouldn't do with your vacuum

Vacuum hard objects

When you notice a hard object, a coin, toy, paper clip, just stop and pick it up and stick it in your pocket for later disposal. Don't think about using the vacuum to suck it up. It can become lodged in the mechanism or hose or can seriously damage the machinery. Even if it has worked in the past, it can get overloaded or overworked and conk out on you when you really need it.

Vacuum liquids with the wrong type of vacuum

Standard vacuums are not designed to pick up any type of liquids, even water. Some machines like shop vacs or wet-dry vacuums are designed for this purpose, but your household vacuum is not.

Not check your bag

When the Vacuum Bags in Ottawa or dust bin is filled, empty it or replace the bag. If you don't, the machine will overheat and become damaged, possibly beyond repair. If you notice that the suction is not as powerful as usual, check the bag or bin.

Running your vacuum over the power cord

Keep your free hand available to flip the power cord out of the way. Running a vacuum sweeper with a beater bar and brush or having the cord sucked up into the mechanism is definitely a bad idea. Check the cord for any damage, or you could cause a fire.

Throw away a vacuum prematurely

If you are having problems, check for any blockages and make sure the beater bar is running freely and hasn't been obstructed with a shoelace or similar item. It may be less expensive to find an appliance repair service than to buy a whole new unit.

Assume it broke

If your sweeper stops during the middle of regular cleaning, first check to see if the dust bag is filled to or beyond capacity. Check for clogs of hair or fibres. Some vacuums have a reset button that needs to be pressed to bring it back to life. If these stoppages recur often, there is a good chance your motor is dying, and you may need to schedule a shopping expedition for a new vacuum.

If you need a new vacuum or accessories, count on us!

If you need help with your vacuum, whether it is to choose a new vacuum, some extra accessories or choose vacuum bags in Ottawa, check out our store or contact us. We’re always happy to help! We have a range of products and many years of experience with vacuum systems.