Which is the best type of commercial vacuum for your business?

Which is the best type of commercial vacuum for your business?

In order to keep your business tidy, most time is spent running the vacuum. The idea is to keep the area free from soil and have an area presentable to your customers and clients. With that much time invested, choosing the right Commercial Vacuum Cleaner in Ottawa for the job is a good idea.

How to choose the best type of commercial vacuum 

Commercial vacuum sweepers come in several different styles, and some have specific purposes. Here is a brief rundown.

Handheld duster vacuum

This is for small or quick jobs. They are either electric or battery-powered and great for upholstery, stairs, and blinds. 


This bowl or barrel-type machine comes on wheels for more maneuverability. It is only electric powered. If you have a choice, opt for ones with fully directional front wheels. They come with a number of attachments so they can deal with a variety of areas like hardwood, carpets, drapes, and fixtures. They have very long electric cords and lots of hoses. They are suitable for large areas and heavily soiled areas.

Commercial Upright Vacuum Ottawa

This is a verticle with wheels and a brush/roller n the bottom and a bag, often disposable, in the body to collect the dirt. This is good for light or medium soiled areas and is best for carpets, but many have an adjustment to use on hardwood. Some have only a single motor which makes them suitable for light or medium work, and the dual motors can handle medium soils quite well.


This is designed for tight or congested areas, and the operator wears the machine on their back. They are lightweight, easy to work with, and can be cord-electric or battery-driven. They work well for stairways or small hallways.


This is a specialty vacuum that can deal with wet messes as well as carpeting. They are designed so the water or other substance will bypass the motor. Generally, they have a 16 to 20-gallon capacity and can be either battery or electric. 

The standard style has a hose and wand that vacuums the liquid substances and can fit into tight areas. If you are following up on wet mopping, a front-mounted squeegee works better.

Other features.

Before you decide on a make and model, check to see what additional features may be available and optional attachments. This can be more cost-effective and efficient in the long run. HEPA filters will take in most particles more extensive than three microns and do not recirculate the air back into the room you are cleaning. If you plan to use the vacuum during operating hours, choose one with a low sound to avoid disturbing the staff and customers.

Shop the ideal Commercial Vacuum Cleaner in Ottawa.

Understanding the value and how each vacuum operates is essential to the business owner who wants to keep their office or store clean or to the commercial cleaning company interested in expanding their services. The Vacuum Store offers a wide range of commercial vacuums from top brands, and we have various accessories to ensure you have everything you need to get the job done right.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you find the perfect vacuum for your business! Choose wisely and shop with us today!