The Laundry Jet iSense Port is our latest automatic port design. It is a fully automatic port using sensing technology for easy hands free use. It provides the simplest, easy to use, auto open, auto close functionality. Constructed of durable gloss plastic the iSense Port is simply mounted by screws to the wall, with the pipe connecting to a simple collar at the rear.

It is opened by just quickly waving your hand three times past the motion sensor (eye), thus activating the Laundry Jet System. The sensor is set to close proximity so it won’t be started accidentally. 


  • Wall mounted inside bedrooms, pantries, closets or bathrooms
  • Wave to activate cycle
  • Auto close
  • Uses 6" pipe (6.25" - 159 mm OD) or International 150 mm pipe
  • Return Unit compatible
  • Air noise approx. 22 decibels (whisper quiet)


  • The wiring is cat 5 and newer with RJ45 connectors
  • Weight 1.8 lbs