VPC High Reach Commercial Vacuum Attachment Kit 21 Ft. with Carry Bag, Black

SKU: 90903B
$599.98 CAD

  • This attachment kit is designed for maximum compatibility with 1.50" accessories of major commercial vacuum brands such as Pro-Team, NSS, Tennant, Powr-Flite, Mosquito, Perfect, Hawk, Sanitarie, Bissell, Hoover, Mercury, and Sandia.
  •  This attachment kit boasts a reach of up to 21 feet, unlocking previously inaccessible areas.

  •  Featuring a comprehensive set of tools, this kit is designed to effectively address elevated surface cleaning tasks.

  • Allows vacuuming from the safety of the floor - eliminate the need for ladders and scissor lifts

  • System includes three light weight aluminum telescopic wand as well as three adaptor wands with compression collars to secure accessories for cleaning pipes, horizontal, and vertical surfaces both elevated or on the floor

  • Each section of the system is designed to lock in place for safe cleaning overhead or when extending horizontally from an elevated platform. At less than 6 pounds equipped with the tool of choice it is easily controlled in use

  • Compatible with all major backpack and commercial canister vacuums equipped with 1-1/2” hose

  • Includes a carry-all bag to keep all the attachments together and to take from job to job

High ceilings and hard to reach ledges in homes and buildings can be difficult to clean and even dangerous. With a reach system it is possible to clean those areas far more quickly and with less effort than before. Capable of reach up to 21 feet the reach system can get to all of those places you used to have to climb a latter to get to. The wands are made out of aluminum making them light weight, giving you full control, which makes it easy to move from one area of cleaning to the next. There are three wand ends for different applications that all have an ABS locking system to ensure your tools don't fall off while cleaning. The straight wand is used to clean areas that are easily visible like ceilings and walls. This reach kit features three telescopic extension wands, one straight end wand, one 45 degree curved end wand, one 130 degree curved end wand, an 8" Sidewinder brush with chrome steel collar and an 18" Sidewinder brush with chrome steel collar, a 4" Pipe cleaning brush with chrome steel collar, and an 8" Pipe cleaning brush with chrome steel collar.