Airstream Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum with Cyclone HEPA Filtration

$349.95 CAD

Airstream Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Vac, 2 in 1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Cyclone HEPA Filtration 

Maneuverable and ultra-light, discover the Airstream multifunction cordless Stick Vac!

A new way to maintain the household

To pick up crumbs after meals, animal hair, small bits of dirt and dust here and there or to spruce up the floor before an impromptu visit, Airstream's brand new Stick Vac comes to the rescue of the eager parents! Extremely efficient and far more affordable than the stick vacuums of its competitors, the Airstream Stick Vac makes no compromise on quality.

  • 25 minutes of autonomy
  • 2 modes: air driven and turbo
  • Maneuverable on the sides and under furniture
  • Ultra-light: only 2.2kg
  • Simple and hygienic emptying
  • Stands upright
  • LED lights

AirStream Cordless Stick Vacuum