CanaVac LS690 Central Vacuum Power Unit For Homes Up to 8,000 sq ft.

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Cana-Vac LS690 Central Vacuum Power Unit with Tangential Bypass Motor and High Efficiency HEPA Filtration System

The LS690 is the direct replacement to the Cana-Vac LS650. This model is part of Cana-Vac’s signature series and is rated for homes up to 8000 sq ft but we recommend it for homes up to 4000 sq ft. At Less that 60 decibels, this is one of the quietest machines on the market. The canister on this machine is a hybrid system that can run with or without bags. This model features a 10 year warranty parts and labour on the motor and circuit board and a lifetime warranty on the body.

  • High Efficiency HEPA Filtration System that captures up to 99.97% of allergens @ .3 micron.
  • Cooling Intake Muffler circulates fresh air during operation, allowing the motor to stay cool for a longer life and quiet operation.
  • 1 Allergen Bag included with all Signature™ models.
  • Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty

It’s what’s inside that counts.

When you select the Signature™ Series of central vacuum systems, you immediately take a step up with the heavy duty performance and longevity of a Tangential Bypass Motor. Unlike Flow-Thru motors which use vacuumed air to cool the motor, Tangential motors have a dedicated “fresh air” cooling fan for optimal cooling. This maximizes its life expectancy and provides Signature™ with a premium source of power.


 - Quiet
- Metal Construction - 12 Inch Diameter
- Home Size up to 8,000 sq ft.
- 5.7 Inch 2-Stage By-Pass Lamb Motor
- 566 Air Watts
- 143" Sealed Suction (Water Lift)
- Dual Intakes
- HEPA Self Cleaning Filter
- Automatic Utility Inlet
- Exhaust Muffler - Venting Optional
- Optional Bag System - 1 HEPA Bag Included
- 20 Year Warranty

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