Carpet Extractor - 190" Waterlift - 250 PSI

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Carpet Extractor, Edic, ED2000JXHR, 150/190 in Waterlift, Pump 220/250 PSI, Edic 2000JX-HR

Our exclusive line of Galaxy™ 2000 12 gallon portable carpet extractors are powerful, compact and comes “heat-ready.” It comes with 1 dual 2-stage and 1 3-stage motors, which are capable of delivering between 220 and 250 PSI of power and with the dual tanks, emptying is easy. The unit comes equipped with four wheels and a push handle. The front wheels swivel around, so the unit maintains extreme maneuverability at all times. Moreover, you can purchase any Galaxy™ “heat-ready” carpet extractor without the heater, if you can change your mind, just order our external heater. You will then be ready to deep clean carpets with on-demand heat and unmatched cleaning power.


  • Patented 4-wheel design makes turning in tight places easy and balances total weight, even when full of water, for easy maneuvering
  • 50' Detachable cord makes it easy to drop the cord and wheel the machine to a drain or toilet for emptying
  • Patented dual lift-off buckets make it quick and convenient to empty
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush for superior cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors
  • Fully adjustable handle for greater operator ease, increased leverage on stairs and thight places
  • Solution pressure between 220 and 250 PSI
  • Vacuum Motors one Dual 2-stage and one 3-stage
  • Dimensions 35″ H x 31″ L x 19″ W


  • Adjustable handle for easy transportation
  • Non-marking 10" rear wheels
  • 4 non-marking and locking 4" casters
  • Solution Tank 12 gal
  • Recovery Tank 11 gal
  • You can add the Galaxy™ “heat-ready” heater (optional)
  • 5-year warranty

Technical Features

Title Description
PSI 220/250
Water Lift 150" / 190"
Solution Tank 12 gal
Recovery Tank 11 gal
Vacuum Motors 1 Dual 2-stage and 1 Dual 3-stage
Dimensions 35″ H x 31″ L x 18″ W
Power cord 50' detachable
Weight 80 lb
Wheels and Casters 10" and 4"
Electrical Draw 14,1 / 15 A

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