Carpet Extractor - EDIC Supernova - 12 Gallon Capacity - 50 PSI

$11,000.00 CAD


Supernova™ Self-Contained Carpet Extractors: There is nothing like the Supernova™ series of self-contained carpet extractors. A remarkable self-contained extractor that cleans carpet in both forward and reverses, providing unparalleled productivity in any facility with large areas of carpet to clean. A simple pull of the lever instantly changes between ahead and reverse to assist with movement reducing strain on the operator. The Supernova is the only self-contained carpet extractor in the industry that has a dual vacuum system for unmatched water and soil recovery for carpet cleaning. The Supernova increases productivity on maintenance carpet cleaning jobs to dramatically reduce labor costs.


  • Two-way system for forward and reverse operation
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoes for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors, plus longer brush life
  • Large wheels, adjustable handle and light-weight construction team up for easy handling and storage
  • Optional accessories quickly attach to the rear of the machine for cleaning stairs, Furniture, etc.
  • Patented dual lift-off recovery buckets provide quick and convenient emptying
  • Patented four-wheel design for balance and reduced turning radius
  • High speed brush motor and brush guarantee powerful agitation to release deeply embedded soil and grit, extending carpet life
  • Patented brush system utilizes fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings for year of trouble-free operation
  • Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards
  • Dual spray jets on both sides of the brush suspend the soil for increased pick up and faster drying


  • Adjustable handle for an easy transport
  • 4 wheels non-marking of 8"
  • Solution Tank 12 gal
  • Vacuum Motors 3.5 HP, Dual 2-stage
  • 2 year warranty

Technical Features

Title Description
CFM 200
Solution Tank 12 gal
Brush Motor 4200 RPM, 1/6 HP
Solution Pressure 100 psi
Brush Style Chevron design
Brush Speed 2100 RPM
Cleaning Path 19"
Power cord 50' detachable
Construction Polyethylene
Electrical Draw 15 A