Central Vacuum Air Hose - Fits All Central Vacuums

$139.98 CAD

Hose Length

Central Vacuum Air Hose - Designed to Fit All Central Vacuums- Beam, Kenmore, Cana-vac, Vacuflo, DuoVac, Husky, VacuMaid and More 

This central vacuum premium air hose is designed to fit all central vacuums including Beam, Cana-Vac, Vacuflo, DuoVac, Husky, Vacumaid and many more.  

It has a 2-way on/off switch on the handle.  It runs only on air, not electricity.  It is not designed to fit an electric central vacuum powerhead.

This hose is light-weight and crush-proof with a 360 degree full swivel handle.