Central Vacuum TurboCat Air Driven Turbine Powerhead Brush - Fits All Wands

$172.95 CAD


Central Vacuum TurboCat Air Driven Turbine Powerhead Brush Attachment | Fits All Standard Wands 1.25 inch (32mm) 

Made for the way you clean

The TurboCat is a powerful, turbine-driven powerhead that harnesses the airflow of a central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning.  It is light, responsive and highly maneuverable with a low-profile body and high impact bumper guards that make it perfect for cleaning under furniture.  TurboCat lasts three times longer than electric powerheads and comes with a three-year warranty.

  • No Batteries or additional power needed, Runs off your Central Vacuum
  • The make-up of the Turbo Cat turbine allows for enhanced airflow and constant contact with the floor surface
  • Compatible with major brands of central vac, including Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Hayden, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, Cana-vac, Cyclovac, Air Vac
  • Non-slip Cogged Drive Belt. Turbine power is relayed to the high velocity DeepSweep Agitator by a specially designed cogged drive belt. The belt reduces slippage for more consistent performance, and outlives the conventional flat belts used on many power-heads.
  • Double-Edge Cleaning The Turbocat's exclusive T-Shaped Design allows for easy maneuvering around furniture and true edge cleaning.