Depureco TB UP 4 Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


The TB UP 4 is a compact industrial vacuum fitted with a side-channel turbine, situated at the back under a sturdy metal casing. The turbine has a vacuum breaker safety valve, installed as standard. The filter chamber contains a large surface polyester filter, certified as M Class (1-micron filtration efficiency), ideal for working with even the finest dust. In this model of the Depureco three-phase range, a different filter can be installed depending on the professional application.

Teflon water-repellent filters, Nomex 250°C resistant filters, and filters with PTFE treatment for more binding and difficult dust are also available. The unit can be fitted with an H14 absolute filter on demand. The TB UP industrial vacuum is equipped with a large 45 Lt detachable container on wheels that allows the operator to empty the vacuumed materialeasily. Disposable collection bags can also be used. A floating system can be provided in the container to vacuum liquids in complete safety.

Power: 4kW

Surface: 15.000cm2

Capacity: 45 L



Suction type Side Channel Blower 
Voltage 400 V
IP 55
Maximum vacuum 310 mBar
Vacuum in continuous run 290 mBar
Maximum air flow 320 m3/h
Safety valve Included
Noise level – (EN ISO 3744) 72 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 5,5 HP
Insulation class F



Type Star Filter 
Class EN 60335-2-69 M Class
Media Polyester
Filter cleaning Manual Shaker



Inlet 70 Ø mm 
Dimensions 550 x 900 mm
Height 1120
Weight 80 Kg