DrainVac DV1R20-27CT Cyclonik Commercial Central Vacuum with Cartridge Filter

SKU: DV1R20-27CT
$2,634.20 CAD

Commercial-grade, soundproofed, large-capacity (12 gal. / 54 L), bagless central vacuum with cyclonic action, generating 3.9 HP of power. Includes a cartridge filter for optimum air filtration and increased motor protection if fine dust is picked up.


  • Ultra-large capacity canister (12 gal. / 54 L)
  • Bagless system
  • Cartridge filter protects motor if fine dust is picked up
  • Cyclonic action generates constant and optimal suction power
  • Integrated timer
  • Muffler and outdoor exhaust included
  • 6'(1.8 m) power cord (gage 10) with "twist-lock" inlet

Technical Specifications

HP: 3.9
H2O: 181
CFM: 122
Decibels: 70





54 L


38 cm dia. x 130 cm

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Vacuums dry materials and liquids, up to 16 L (3.5 imp. gal.).* 

Vacuums with cyclonic effect and maintains a constant and optimal suction power. 

Outdoor exhaust strongly recommended. 

Cannot be paired with an auxiliary head. Available only for commercial models (DV1R12-CTTM, DV1R15-CTTM, DV1R19-27CT, DV1R20-27CT). 

Equipped with AudioProteks to reduce high frequencies. 

Soundproof casing made of polypropylene, resistant to impacts and lifetime warrantied. Made in Canada. 

Circuit board made in Canada. 

Warranty For Commercial Use

Motor(s): 3 years or 750 hours
Circuits: 3 years or 750 hours
Casing: Lifetime
Labour: 1 year or 500 hours (at an authorized DrainVac dealer or plant). The shipment of any items and the travel up to a retailer or to the manufacturer are at customer expense.
DrainVac Accessories: 90 days
Regular Accessories: 90 days
Recommendation: Checking and cleaning of the unit and motor(s) after 500 hours are at the customer's expense.