Hide-a-Hose Retractable Hose Installation Kit

$439.00 CAD

Hose Length

Hide-a-Hose Retractable Hose Installation Kit 

Now you can build a custom Retractable Hose Kit complete with a central vacuum power unit that is optimized to perform with a Retractable Hose. You can choose an attachment set, hose length and installation kit.

Hide-A-Hose recommends their hoses be installed and used with Powerful Central Vacuums (recommended brands, DrainVac and Cana-Vac). We have hundreds and hundreds of happy cleaners who have purchased and installed Retractable Hose  systems. Because of our extensive Retractable Hose experience we have developed power requirements needed to operate a Retractable Hose effectively and we have included those power units in this kit.

As always at The Vacuum Store, once you make your purchase our experts are available to walk you through the entire installation.  Give us a call at 1-613-825-7547 if you have any questions about the retractable hose system.


  • HS5000 Rough-in Kit
  • HS5000 Valve Trim Kit
  • 4 - 90º Elbows
  • 30 ft Rapid Flex Hose

Retractable Hose Installation Guide