Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose Central Vacuum System | Accessories and Installation Materials are Included (No Piping)

$489.99 CAD

Hose Length
  • Designed by Hide-A-Hose -
  • Rapid Flex central vacuum hoses are made of scratch resistant material that does not require a hose sock. Rapid Flex hoses pull out more easily and retract faster than hose kits, and are a larger diameter, increasing air flow 20 -30%. Our new Rapid Flex hoses feature the mini-cuff, which allows tools to fit directly onto the hose cuff for easier use.
  • Hose lengths can be customized to fit the home-owner’s needs. Trim desired length from end of hose that goes in valve first, then replace end cap into trimmed end
  • Package contents: (1) HS5000 Valve Rough In Kit, (1) HS5000 Valve Trim Kit, (3) 90 Degree Elbow, (1) 45 Degree Elbow, (1) 22.5 Degree Elbow, (1) Rapid Flex Hose, (1) Ready Grip Direct Connect w/o RF, (1) Telescopic Metal Wand, (1) 4-Piece Tool Set (Floor Brush, Dusting tool, Upholstery tool, Crevice Tool.
  • For Installation Assistance contact Hide-A-Hose