Johnny Vac Auto Scrubber - 39.5" Cleaning Path - Battery and Charger

$11,999.00 CAD

Industrial Ride On Sweeper Machine - JVC40SWEEPN from Johnny Vac - 39.5" (1 003 mm) Cleaning Path - Battery & Charger Included

The JVC40SWEEPN is an industrial sweeper for the inside or the outside. This device refines the image of the pure sweeper in something modern and practical. This sweeper is ideal for the outdoor or private parking, arenas, warehouses, schools or entirely different spacious place which asks for maintenance in ample space.

  • Key-Type Switch
  • Batteries Indicator
  • Indicator of the Time of Use
  • Brush Width 28" (711 mm)
  • Brushes can be Changed Easily Without any Tools