Johnny Vac Ride Scrubber - 22" Cleaning Path - Battery with Charger

$9,999.00 CAD

Rider Scrubber - Johnny Vac JVC56RIDERN - 22" (559 mm) Cleaning Path - with Battery and Charger

Reliable and durable, Johnny Vac’s professional line of auto floor scrubbers will greatly improve cleaning efficiency therefore reducing cleaning cost. Our auto floor scrubbers are designed to be used on large surfaces and are able to handle heavy duty work, even in industrial environments. The control board located at the top provides all the information you need. Also, it does not require any special training to operate. With its 22" (560 mm) cleaning path and an efficiency of 36 166 sq. ft (3 360 m2) per hour it enhances hygienic level of any location. Johnny Vac offers a complete range of auto scrubbers. After reviewing specifications below, do not hesitate to contact our specialists in order to find the model that will perfectly suits your needs.


  • Key-Type Switch
  • V-Shape Squeegee: No Stains or Waste Water Residues
  • Squeegee Blades can be Used in Four Directions
  • Battery Meter: Timing Function for Operation, to Facilitate Man-Hour Calculations
  • Special Air Ducts for Motor Air Intake and Exhaust, Hot and Cold Air Unmixed to Extend Longevity of the Motor
  • Brushes can be Changed Easily Without Any Tools


  • Ignition Key
  • 22" Brush (560 mm)
  • Pad Holder
  • Pad Cover
  • Batteries 105AH CHILWEE: 2 X 12 V = 24V
  • Intelligent Charger
  • Non-marking Wheels 5"
  • Brush Lever
  • Squeegee Lever
  • Squeegee 30 3/8" (770 mm)
  • 2-Year Warranty (For the Batteries 6-Month Warranty)

Technical Features

Title Description
Voltage Propelling 24 V
Brush Motor 550 W
Vacuum Motor 550 W
Solution Tank 15,85 gal (60 L)
Recovery Tank 15,85 gal (60 L)
Cleaning Path 22" (560 mm)
Squeegee Width 30 3/8" (770 mm)
Efficiency 36 166 sq. ft (3 360 m2) / hour
Battery (Gel) and Charger Yes
Working Autonomy 3.5 h
Net Weight 463 lb (210 kg)
Dimensions 45 1/4" x 28 1/4" x 41 3/8" (115 cm x 59 cm x 105 cm)
Warranty 2-Year