SEBO ET-1 Vacuum Cleaner Electric Power Head

SKU: 9299FC-B
$355.00 CAD


SEBO ET-1 Electric Power Head

SEBO ET Powerheads are recognized worldwide as the most durable, reliable, and best designed carpet and hard floor cleaners on the market.

The 12-inch ET-1 is virtually maintenance free, provides excellent pet hair removal and the brush roller can be manually switched off for straight-suction cleaning of delicate rugs.  In addition, the extension side of its L-Shaped contour makes cleaning under counters easy.

Additional Features:

180º Steering Ability
180º steering ability provides amazing maneuverability.

Central Vacuum Wand
This special wand fits into the unique swivel-neck diameter of ET-1 powerheads, so they can be connected to most central vacuum handle and hose units.  The telescopic wand can be adjusted from 24" to 37" in length, to accommodate the correct operating height of individual users.  it's made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic that is durable and reliable.

Protective, Rubber-Coated Wheels
The superb castor-wheels glide easily and gently over all floor types, providing exceptional maneuverability and protection of floor surfaces.

Four-level, Manual Height Adjustment
They are commercial-grade powerheads that effectively clean both carpets and hard floors, easily remove pet hair, and have four-level, manual brush height adjustment.  To clean delicate rugs and hard floors with straight suction, the ET's brush roller can be manually switched off.

User Warning Lights and Automatic Obstruction Shut Off
The ET powerhead has a red user warning light, with automatic shut off, for brush roller obstructions.  This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the motor and carpet from damage.  Its warning light also remains illuminated during use, when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning, or when the brush roller should be replaced due to reaching maximum bristle wear.

Key Features

  • 12-inch Power Head width
  • Four-level manual brush height adjustment
  • A flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch profile
  • It's 180-degree steering ability is highly maneuverable around furniture
  • A convenient clog removal door
  • Warning light to indicate incorrect height setting or a worn brush roller
  • Brush obstruction warning light with automatic shut off
  • Manual brush roller shut off provides straight-suction cleaning of delicate rugs and hard floors
  • Easy brush roller removal for cleaning or replacement
  • The L-shaped head easily cleans edges and under counters
  • A central vacuum wand adapter is available
  • Excellent for pet hair removal
  • Five-year warranty


10 year parts - 10 year motor - 5 year labour