VPC Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 14 Inch Hard Surface Floor Brush Attachment

SKU: 90004
$35.99 CAD

Compatible replacement with Pro-Team, Tennant, Perfect, Bissell, Sanitaire, Hawk, Mercury, and all other major backpack vacuum brands.

  • 14 Inch hard floor brush works great on any hard surface where commercial cleaning is necessary
  • Compatible with all standard backpack vacuums and dry canister vacuums
  • Ideal on construction sites and in remodels
  • Contract cleaning crews also will appreciate it's ability on linoleum, cement and hard wood floors
  • Compatible replacement with major brands of back pack & canister vacuums equipped with 1 ½” hose including Pro-Team, Sandia, Power Flight, Mosquito, Carpet Pro, Tennant, Perfect, Bissell, Sanitaire, Hawk, and Mercury